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For optimal performance, new wood products should be finished or painted as soon as possible after installation. Finishing is necessary because by nature, wood is porous. Painting and finishing seals porous surfaces, maintains, protects and enhances the beauty of the product by keeping it less susceptible to debris and easier to clean. Factory painted custom wood products have a low-maintenance finish, but over time will still need to be touched up and refinished as recommended below on page 9. The wood's grain pattern will be slightly pronounced when painted. This is normal and not a defect. See our warranty for details. Keeping wood properly finished is the first step in effective maintenance








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The AllWindowDoorParts GROUP-USA developed the easy sash-master, "EZSASH KIT", a double-hung replacement kit.


Our customers range from residential, commercial, historical and restoration architects, project managers, busy homeowners, glass companies, glazers, handymen and contractors - those who work hard and take pride in the homes of clients and customers who want the design integrity and consistent quality needed for home repairs of windows and doors. Homeowners who are cost conscious and project oriented concerned with making the best decisions -- because of their busy lives .. those seeking simple and best solutions to their window repair projects. The AllWindowDoorParts GROUP-USA is knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance damage claims and best and least expensive requirements for old window and door restorations - when it comes to replacing those old Biltbest, Caradco, Oldach, Craftline, Hurd, Kolbe, Malta, Norandex, Norco, Pozzi, Rockwell, SealRite, Semco and other windows - WE'RE ALL YOUR WINDOW AND DOOR RESTORATION REPLACEMENT NEEDS!


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Our new "EZ-SASH KITS" are not all size fits all .. pricing is based on various factors - wood species, cladding, size, quantity, type of glass, hardware etc. - Prices Starting s Low As $ 469.99 In Quantity.




Replacement Sashes, Wood-In and Wood-Out Windows | Diagrams Details

Best Guide for Wood and Clad Window Sash Replacement Details for Double and Single Hung Sash Replacements.


Replacement Sashes, Wood-In and Wood-Out Windows, Wood and Aluminum Clad Windows and Other Types of Clad like Vinyl or fiberglass. Double and Single Hung Sash Replacement Guide. Details for measuring correctly, how to eliminate costly errors and more. Remember: A sash window or hung sash window .. is made of one or more movable panels [SASHES] that "form a frame" that holds a pane of glass - VISUALIZE A PICTURE FRAME! Some units are separated from other panes or "lites" by internal bars known as "muntins" or moulded strips of wood commonly know as "grilles". Normally the "sash opening" does not include the plastic tracks mounted on the jamb sides of the window opening ( known as jambliners ) but extends directly to the frame surface itself - Reproduction, Wood Sash, Window Sashes, 1 1/2", 1-3/8", 1-1/8", ALENCO, BF-RICH, BETTER-BILT, BILTBEST, CARADCO, HURD, PGT, COLUMBIA, TRACO, CRAFTLINE, CRESTLINE, Truth, ENTRYGARD, Marvin, MALTA, NORCO, PEACHTREE, GUARDIAN, PLYGEM, POZZI, QUAKER, RIVCO, SEAL-RITE, OLDACH, THERMALGARD, pine, douglas fir, spruce, pinewood, oak, composite, painted, aluminum-clad, Skin, Cladding.