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Looking for parts help with old Dowell windows? looking for parts? Need window glazing bead or wether-stripping, seals, weather strip products for older aluminium, wood and timber framed glass windows and doors? We're here to help if we can .. so send usd some good digital pictures, schematics, hardware parts or samples - and we'll do our best to ID and Research the parts you need. Hundreds of Thousands of those obsolete, rare, hard-to-find and unique replacement and repair parts for old windows and doors. Parts for your existing windows, sliding-glass doors, patio doors, closet doors, and similar systems. Our distribution parts inventory of unique hardware and other replacement parts is second to none! There are window and door manufacturers that come and go every year .. and out of business companies no longer in business - so what do you do for your replacement parts?

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Free Help To Identify all those hard-to-find, obsolete, patio door rollers, wheels, mortise locks, keyways, locking handles from the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's and newer parts: identifyparts.a2z fast and easy without needless paperwork - WATCH the YouTube VIDEO .. and we'll do the rest. 


AllWindowDoorparts Group and WeFixItUSA -  FREE PARTS ID HELP .. for all window and door repair and replacement parts like Sliding / Glider Patio Doors, Tracks, Locks, Latches, Handle Sets, Mortise Lock Replacement Parts, Square Face Mortice Locks, Sliding/Glider Patio Door Locks and Keeper Sets, Security Locks, Multi-Point Mortise Locking Systems for multipoint doors, Storm Door Mortise Locks, Keyed Security Patio Door Locks and Latches, Round Face Mortise Locks, Stainless Steel, Brass, Mortise Lock Faceplates, for Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl Patio Doors; "Mortise Lock" Replacement Parts, Keyways, Faceplates, Spring-Loaded, Steel, Brass, Stainless, Products for: Alcoa, All-Weather, Alpine, Alside, Aluma Craft, Alumax, Amerimax, Amsco, Andersen, Aristokraft, Armaclad, Atrium, Austin Windowerks, Avanti, BF Rich, Binswanger, Biltbest, Oldach, Caradco, Cascade, Milco, Certainteed, Win-Dor, Wincore, Windoor, Champion,  Crestline, Croft, Don Young, Dura-built, Dura-Bilt, Eagle, Fiberlux, Four Seasons, Gerkin, Gilkey, Guardian, Harvey, Hurd, Fiberglass, Jeld Wen, Keller, Kohler, Kolbe, Larson, Lincoln, MI, Marvin, Integrity, Masco, Masonite, Milgard, Norandex, Okna, PGT, PPG, Peachtree, Pella, Ply Gem, Windsor, Quaker, Seaway, Semling-Menke, Sierra Pacific, Simonton, Steelcraft, SASH & DOOR, Sugarcreek, Sun, Sunrise, Suntex, Superior, Taylor, Thompson Creek, Traco, Tru-Tech, Viwintech, Vinylmax, Viwinco, Wall-Side, Weather-Shield, Western





Winterizing Biltbest Windows - Weatherstripping

Are your windows and door ready for cold blowing winter winds and weather?


Sure, adjust the thermostat, or shut off the water valve to your sprinklers .. WHAT ABOUT YOUR weather Strip On Doors and Windows .. are you ready for that cold winter weather? .. those cold blowing winds? .. Autumn’s just arrived, and winter will be far behind -- Get ahead of the chill with these important winter window and door prep ideas and projects.

Prepare Now and Save Time and Money - ORDER DIRECT

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from Maine to Alaska .. WeFixItUSA and the AllWindowDoorparts Group , NATIONWIDE PARTS - TRUTH and EntryGard window & door hardware replacements.



For all your Truth and EntryGard Window and Door Hardware Replacement Parts; window and door hardware repair parts, replacement weather strip parts, maintenance and service parts needs from Maine to Alaska .. WeFixItUSA and the AllWindowDoorparts Group [NATIONWIDE] For [TRUTH] [EntryGard] window & door hardware - window pulls and lifts, sash locks, Patio Door Hardware,  Sliding Patio Door handles, obsolete and hard to find parts, Solid Brass Pulls, Lifts, Latches, Casement and Awning Hardware, in sliding patio door parts


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[ALASKA COUNTIES] Anchorage Borough, AK Bethel Census Area, AK Bristol Bay Borough, AK Dillingham Census Area, AK Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK Haines Borough, AK Juneau Borough, AK Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK Ketchikan Gateway Borough, AK Kodiak Island Borough, AK Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK Nome Census Area, AK North Slope Borough, AK Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census A, AK Sitka Borough, AK Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, AK Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, AK Valdez-Cordova Census Area, AK Wade Hampton Census Area, AK Winston County, AK Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area, AK Yakutat Borough, AK Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, AK

Patio Door Glass Warranty and Replacement Info | Guardian and Others

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If your old patio door needs hardware, handle replacements, mortise looking systems, rollers or wheels or aftermarket screen door solutions – let us know – WE CAN USUALLY HELP!

If you encounter other issues or problems with what you are calling a Guardian sliding glass patio door, your best answer is to understand the reality within the industry and be familiar with your warranty paperwork given when you purchased the patio door. Product may be under some type of warranty – if you know who made the door, who sold it and / or who installed it – and it’s not over 10 years old. Normally this is rarely the case and not so easy to resolve. Find your paperwork, read the warranty, and determine if you are still covered. Contact the company from whom you purchased your doors.

Many door and window companies were forced to close due to the dramatic downturn in the economy in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Unfortunately, many home owners Identify their doors by the glass etchings or stampings on the tempered glass which is required by federal law since 1977 for all glass located within doors and tub and shower enclosures. Although warranty issues may vary widely – most experts say 10 years is the norm. Many companies that offered a “lifetime warranty” are no longer in business. Most manufacturers do transfer their warranties to new owners if a house is sold. Be sure to check your paperwork and ask this before closing if you are purchasing a previously owned home.

Following are a few examples of problems and issues encountered with Guardian Patio Tempered Glass warranties to consider.

Best Online Patio and Screen Door Roller Wheel Free Parts ID Search PDF

Searching for the correct roller or wheel assembly has never been easier.


Searching for hard to find or obsolete patio door rollers, tracks or single / double wheel replacement parts? We're All Your Roller and Screen Door Needs! Diagrams, measurements, pictures, schematics, and specification included in the Master [PDF] Catalog and we offer FREE PARTS ID HELP ONLINE  - All national brand replacements for Guardian, Caradco, Craftline, Alenco, Therma-Tru, Eagle, Hurd, Kolbe, Lincoln, Malta, Marvin, and many others. 


See Our Master Parts Roller and Wheel [PDF] 2022-2023 Version.



DETROIT REBUILD - renovation restoration of old windows and doors | DIY Network

DIY Detroit - free how to program guides, PDF window and door archives


DETROIT is invited to join the nation's best window and door repair and replacement parts DIY Network - We can offer you FREE Window and Door Parts ID Help Online - we can help you find the right parts to rebuild those old casement, awning, single or double hung windows - we can help you get the right parts, those out of production parts and even obsolete window and door parts. If you're searching for hardware parts for your old windows and doors - from Truth, EntryGard, Marvin, Pella, Wenco, Alenco, Pella, Andersen, Peachtree, Caradco, Biltbest and so many others - We Can Help!


FREE ID Parts research for window and door parts [PDF'S] , free how to program guides, PDF window and door archives, Detroit community features and additional discounts, information for help bidding window and door projects featured in Detroit, new condo building renovation parts, window and door parts for major renovations, and updates for older windows and doors. A terrific way to get a real sense of what is available - VISIT: ... and see what you can do with Detroit's Old Windows and Doors! Experience the thrill of DIY customized renovations .. and going green at the same time. Enthusiasm begins at home! .. if Detroit is your hometown .. look at that old home .. look at it's history and heritage .. the recent not-so-good econimical problems - burned out, boarded up and abandoned houses - AND GET HOLD OF THE DREAM!


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look to the area leaders for the training, experience, and know how to make your home window repairs.















DATELINE: Colorado Springs: 

WeFixItUSA with more than 29 years of local experience in servicing, windows, doors, patio sliding doors, restoration work,  weather strip replacement, refinishing, single and double hung window jambliners and balance system carrier tracks, window balances, casement window hardware removal and roto-gear installations, sash locks, patio door hardware, rollers, screening. We have the training, experience, and know how to make your home window repairs - Colorado Springs - Security-Widefield, Fountain, Cimarron Hills, Black Forest, Woodmoor, Woodland Park, Stratmoor, Gleneagle, Monument, Manitou Springs, Palmer Lake, Cascade-Chipita Park, Cripple Creek, Green Mountain Falls, Victor



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Multi Point Door Locking Systems: 2, 3, 5 Point Door Lock Systems

Online searches for multipoint locks include: multi point lock for old wooden doors, three point locking systems, 2/3/5 point locking units, multipoint locks for Marvin French Doors, multipoint hardware and multi point lock parts.


Look Carefully .. most Multi-Point Door Lock Systems will have a name or Logo on the faceplate for some sort of ID help. The proper identification of your multipoint lock hardware is very important because of all the various types of locking devices: Hooks, Rollers, Roundbolts, Latch Bolts, Tongues, Shoot Bolts or a combination of any of these.


REQUEST Questionnaire:






BRAND NAME DOORS .. Like Marvin or Integrity, Inswing or outswing, Sliding Patio Doors, Peachtree, Biltbest, Caradco, Craftline, Pella, Alenco, Therma-Tru, Eagle, Hurd, Kolbe, Lincoln, Malta, Norandex, Norco, Pozzi, Jeld-Wen, Rockwell, Seal-Rite, Semco, Vedder, Crestline, WeatherVane, Wenco, WheatherShield, Windsor, Acorn, PGT, Better-Bilt, Crestmark, MilGard, Phillips, Quaker and many others.



FAQ's Answers - old window and door parts for the D.I.Y. Home Owner | Old Windows Circa 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s

Getting the right answers about repairing your old windows just may be better than spending thousands on new replacements.


Get Help .. with replacement parts for windows and doors, circa the  1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and much newer too!



Probably the number one issue and most frequently asked questions [FAQ] .. problems with old casement windows:


Q. The crank hardware sticks? What do I do?
Q. How do I oil or lube the operator on my casement window?
Q. How can I clean and lubricate the casement Roto-gear assembly?
Q. Why does the crank unit "clunk" when I try to crank it closed?
Q. The handle came out of my operator - what part do I order to fix this?
Q: I have casement windows that are hard to open / close - Is there a problem with the hardware?
Q. Should I be maintaining my casements on an annual basis in some way?
Q. Can I repair my windows myself? Or do I need to replace the windows?


ANSWERS: Casement and Awning windows have been around for a long time; longer than most of us, since the steel casement window was very common in homes built before WWII [World-War-Two] These were typically crank-outs with putty holding in individual pieces of glass; They were metal to metal and no weather strip at all. Most homes today have a mix of casements, awnings, double or single hungs, and fixed window units; Most people like casement windows for any number of reasons - maximum ventilation, ease of cleaning etc.

ISSUES: When you start looking for problem identification - you'll want to look for aswers to things like: (1) Why is the window crank hard to turn? (a) Debris, leaves, dirt jammed around parts of the operator? (b) loose or protruding screws in the slide hinge assembly? (c) Any loose hardware? Bent hardware? .. where the lever attaches to the sash? 


NEED MORE HELP? .. Send Some Pictures: