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QUESTION / FAQ:   Who is best at answering window and door parts questions for HomeAdvisors?
QUESTION / FAQ:   Who is best at helping with old window repair parts for Oldach Windows and Patio Doors?
QUESTION / FAQ:   Where can I find parts for my Old Marvin windows here in Colorado Springs?  


ANSWER: Who is best at answering window and door hardware repair parts questions for .. more homeowners, and more top repair pros from Angie's List, many local Handyman Services like HouseDoctors .. Handyman Services like localhandymanpros , Odd Job Pros that do repair work and Home Maintenance on all  types of windows and doors. When your Home Help Handyman is stumped at which part he needs? .. HomeHelpUSA .. calls WeFixItUSA first! CONTACT

Professional Handyman Services - we can help with parts ID .. all up and down the Colorado Front Range .. New Mexico and up to Wyoming .. so have your Handyman Connection - get connected or have the handymanconnection person give us a call - one call does it all and you won't need an Online Marketing Consultant to help you out! You know we've been the Best Handyman Connection Resorce for years .. serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas best handymen with parts for windows and doors - Thumbtack » Colorado » Colorado Springs » Handyman .. Colorado Springs Manitou Springs Local Handyman, Mikes Handymen Services,  Integrity Home Maintenance Company, GR Services,  the Professional Tradesmen Group,  all the Handyman Professional Services folks, Handyman Pros, Atlas Drywall and Paint and many others too!!

Guardian [Glass] Patio Door and Window Parts

If you have a window or sliding glass door that needs parts, repair or replacement and it has a “Guardian” stamp on the glass, the stamp simply means the glass was “tempered” by Guardian


HELP WITH .. Guardian [Glass] Patio Doors and Windows -- PLEASE NOTE: If you have a sliding glass door or window that has a “Guardian Etching" on the glass, the stamp simply means the glass was “tempered” by Guardian - THEY DID NOT MAKE THE DOOR OR WINDOW ( they are a major glass supplier).


If you need parts or help .. we will need more information such as follows:

1. Clear / Close Up Pictures / "close up views" etc. of parts? 
2. Measurements If Important? 
5. AND REMEMBER - Good "pitures" are worth 1000's of words .. Please Size Images 800 X 600 .. 640 X 480 





Deer Hunting Blind Door Bottom Sweeps | Weather Strip | Deer Stand Weather-Strip Bottom Seals

keep bugs out

Deer Hunting Blind Door Bottom Sweeps | Weather Strip | Sweep Weather-Strip Bottom Seals - Stop bugs, wasps, crawling insects, mice, cold drafts | 36", 42" and 48" Widths, seal your deer hunting blind doors, door bottoms and thresholds; bottom mounts, kerf mounting bottoms, high resilience seals, keep out blowing rain. EASY "Field" INSTALLATION. 




Marvin French Door Handle
Marvin Patio Door Handle
Marvin Handle

MARVIN FRENCH DOORS - Swinging / Stationary ( Fixed ) Outswing and Inswing French Door Parts, Clad Models, Arch Top French Door Models and More - We're All Your Replacement and Repair Hardware Needs!


Need Help? ..


Door Parts, Panel Replacements, Weather Strip, Aluminum and Wood Parts, Glazing Bead, Hinges, and so much more. Handle Assemblies, levers, handles, spindles, escutcheon plates, thumb turn knobs, keyed cylinders and keys, housings and miscellaneous hardware and help with COLORS AND FINISHES - TP, AB, SC, WH, ORBZ, ORBZ PVD, BS PVD, SN PVD, DK BZ and More.

Interlock Window and Door Parts USA | ASSA ABLOY Security Parts

Interlock window and door parts are top of the line, intelligently engineered, fully tested and designed for optimum performance on windows and doors.


Need Parts Info or Help -


Interlock window and door parts are top of the line, intelligently engineered, fully tested and designed for optimum performance, ease of installation and superior design aesthetics. Most products are available in a variety of finishes. Through ASSA ABLOY, Interlock USA offers a complete range of security and hardware products. Sliding & Hung Window Solutions, Sash Locks, Pro-Latch and Tru-Latch, Casement & Awning Window Parts like 4-Bar Hinges, Nova casement Security locking Systems, Sliding Patio Door Parts, Locks, Swing Door, Inswing / Outswing, Folding Door Solutions, Locks and Handles, European Hardware, Security Hardware, Multi-Point Locks, Magnetic Door Locks, Hinges and more.

Problems Reviews Complaints | BBB Colorado Springs | Prestigious Asphalt & Concrete

Numerous scam alerts in Colorado Springs, Colorado concerning Problems with Product / Service - PRESTIGIOUS CONCRETE & ASPHALT, LLC 80917 - wide range of scam complaints against this concrete company.


Complaint Type - Problems with Product and Service - Reviews & Complaints | BBB Verified Reviewer - COMPLAINTS CONCERNING - Prestigious Asphalt & Concrete and the Owner,  Lemoral Antonio Anderson, OWNER Prestigious Asphalt and Concrete of Colorado Springs 80917


Complaint Type - Problems with Product and Service

Driveway was paved, asphalt, this summer and is now falling apart - crumbling surface, cracks, sinking. I have tried to contact the company, Prestigious Asphalt & Concrete, OWNER - Antonio Anderson - Contacted 9/16/2016 - He immediately replied and we set a time and owner WAS A "NO SHOW" .. and I have not been able to contact him since.

Complaint Type - The business - Prestigious Concrete & Asphalt, Antonio Anderson (owner ) failed to respond to the dispute. (3 complaints)

Complaint Type - 10/17/2017 Problems with Product / Service  On February 28, 2017, I contracted with Prestigious Asphalt and owner, Antonio Anderson to do my driveway job. To date, the work has not been started or completed. I paid them 1/2 down as a deposit in early March. They cashed the check immediately. They have promised various dates they'd start - NO SHOWS AND LIES

09/22/2017 - Problems with Product / Service - PRESTIGIOUS CONCRETE & ASPHALT, Colorado Springs 80917 Complaint

I am a general contractor here in Colorado Springs. and I am a member of the BBB. I had contracted with Antonio Anderson (owner) of Prestigious Asphalt and Concrete to do a $60K concrete job. On Thursday, July 27, he and his wife/partner (Magin) met me in my office to sign our contract. They requested a 50% down payment to get going - I told them no way. I never give down payments to subcontractors. They were not willing to move forward without money down, so I offered 25% down and the next 25% after the first full day of completed work. Antonio and his wife agreed, so they signed our contract and I gave them a check for $14,420. Again, that was on 8/27/17. They were to start that following Monday (8/30/17).

Communications from the Owner, Antonio Anderson from the start was horrendous, and when we would actually be able to talk with him, he would make promises to be at the job site at such and such particular time, and never show up... He wouldn't answer follow up calls but answered after I blocked my call # ..  Then magically, he'd answer, and spit out another ridiculous excuse .. So after several days of excuses and no shows, I gave them one last chance to show up. That was Thursday (8/3/17). They were to be at the job site at 8:30am; that changed to 9:30; that changed to 10; which changed to 11; you see what I mean??

Winterizing Biltbest Windows - Weatherstripping

Are your windows and door ready for cold blowing winter winds and weather?


Sure, adjust the thermostat, or shut off the water valve to your sprinklers .. WHAT ABOUT YOUR weather Strip On Doors and Windows .. are you ready for that cold winter weather? .. those cold blowing winds? .. Autumn’s just arrived, and winter will be far behind -- Get ahead of the chill with these important winter window and door prep ideas and projects.

Prepare Now and Save Time and Money - ORDER DIRECT

Find a Pro Weatherstrip Installer on Angie’s List

Find a Biltbest Weather Strip Installation person on HomeAdvisor.


Winter Home Maintanance Checklist | Window and Door To Do List | Winterizing and Weatherproofing

Winterizing now with weather strip around doors and windows can safeguard against drafts and heat loss this winter.


• Check Your Window Weatherstrip - Clean or replace weatherstripping as needed to prevent air loss and leaks

• Add weather stripping around doors and windows to guard against drafts and heat loss.

• During winter storms, snow can also get trapped between the screen and window, potentially causing damage to window frames and sills.



BiltBest OEM Replacement Sash | Builtbest Windows Stiles and Rails

Free Help Online To Identify Biltbest Window & Door Parts 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's and newer


When it comes to Biltbest .. BiltBest OEM Replacement Sashes, Window Parts, Stiles, Rails and More - we're all about doors and windows from Biltbest formerly of Sainte Genevieve, Missouri 63670. Bilt-Best closed it's doors and went out of business in 2010 [formerly at 175 S 10th St] 63670, with Old Customer Service # (573) 883-3571 - ALL NOW CLOSED .. however if you need help - WE KNOW BiltBest Windows and Patio Doors - Serving: [MISSOURI] Kansas City, Farmington, Festus, Murphy, Arnold, Affton, Oakville, Mehlville, Sappington, Lemay, Sainte Genevieve, Saint Louis [MO] Chicago [ILLINOIS] Belleville, Swansea, Shiloh, Waterloo, Cahokia, Fairview Heights, Memphis, Nashville [TN] Louisville, Lexington-Fayette [KY] Indianapolis and Fort Wayne [IN] Cincinnati [OH]


Need Help To Identify hard-to-find Biltbest window or door parts? We will help you to identifyparts_xyz .. fast and easy without filling out a bunch of paperwork and questionnaires .. just follow the simple YouTube VIDEO .. and we'll the rest!  



  • Custom made BiltBest Primed Wood Sashes

  • With Glass or Without Glass - Sash Kits

  • Aluminum Clad Sashes

  • Replacement Aluminum Clad Parts

  • Rotten Sash Replacements

  • All BiltBest Window Replacement Products

  • Sash Repair Kits - All KD Sash Parts


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