Will Replacement Windows Save Me Money?

are replacement windows better than my old BiltBest units

Should I believe the sales hype about new replacement windows being so much better than my old BiltBest original units? No. If your existing Biltbest windows are wood, wood/clad - they can be made to perform just as well, if not better.



Myth #1: Replacement Windows Will Save You Money - On average, replacing windows with new, higher-quality replacement windows (when properly installed) could save you about $50 a month on your heating or cooling bills. However, this is after spending an average of $17,000 - $35,000 dollars to install the new windows. If you heat your house an average of six months a year, the savings are about $300 a year. At this rate, it would take 50 years to even begin to recoup in energy savings the amount spent on the new windows. (These figures assume that you pay cash or with zero percent financing. If the amount of interest paid on the total cost of the window replacement project is added, the payback period will be even longer.) Even more important is the payback, or rather the lack thereof - The average person in the United States stays in the same house for between five and seven years.