Why is it that all the window parts suppliers are so confused and unsure?

OLD BILTBEST CASEMENT WINDOW PARTS HELP - frequestly asked questions by Handymen, Contractors, Remodlers, Home Owners, Insurance Claims Adjusters, Storm Restoration Contractors .. all ask "like kind" questions?

Truth / EntryGard #39031, #39032 look close - are these the ones I need? Should i send some pictures to you?

We are looking for BiltBest window cranks, crank covers and lock handles for my old Biltbest casement windows, circa 1977  See attached to see if you can identify?

Why is it that all the window parts suppliers are so confused and unsure when it comes to these old P233 P234 BiltBest operators?

BiltBest Window operator 1979 era, Handyman from Michigan says: Having a time trying to find replacemnent parts for old biltbest window - the operator part # 233 D.C.  # 234 DC - Can I just get the worm drive which is broken?

Biltbest Window Crank Operators from Homeowner in Golden, Co - I have BiltBest windows that do not close and open properly. They are crank roller openers. Please contact me if you can help?

Are the Truth 39-031, 39-032 EntryGard Operators, or 39-155, 39-156 Caradco Window Cranks all the same? Do you think they will work on my old BiltBest windows?

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