Why are replacement door bottom sweeps so hard to find?

How many types of door sweeps, and seals are there?


ANSWER:  Many Many Types and Styles for all kinds and types of doors. Residential and Commercial Door sweeps - Door Sweeps and Weatherstrips, Sponge Neoprene Weatherseals, Finned Door Sweeps, Extruded Aluminum and Nylon Brush Weatherstrip, Aluminum and Vinyl Door Sweeps, Standard Duty Aluminum Door Sweeps, Combination Door Sweeps, Residential, Automatic Door Sweeps, Aluminum and Rubber Door Sweeps, Triple Fin Door Sweeps, 3" Tall Wrap Around Door Shoe with Vinyl Weatherstrip, Extruded Aluminum with Vinyl Bulb Weatherseals, Aluminum and Vinyl Bulb Seals, Door Jamb Weatherstrips, Surface Mount Automatic Door Bottoms, Extruded Aluminum Sweeps, Triple Finger Vinyl Weatherseals, Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip, Foam Style Door Seals, Polyflex Weatherstrip, V-Seal Door Tape, "L" Shape Door Bottoms, U-Shape Door Bottoms, Single Kerf Door Bottom Seals, Double-Kerf Inserts Styles, Door Bottoms, Automatic Door Bottom Seals,  Neoprene Sweeps, Bottom Seals for 1 3/4" Doors, Bottom Vinyl Sweeps, Door Sweep Weatherstrip, Heavy-Duty Door Sweeps, Door Jamb Weatherstrip, Neoprene Sweeps, Nylon Brush Bottom Sweeps.


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