Where Can I Find HELP with Bilbest Products?

OLD BILTBEST CASEMENT WINDOW CRANK PARTS HELP - frequestly asked questions by Handymen, Contractors, Remodlers, Home Owners, Insurance Claims Adjusters, Storm Restoration Contractors .. all ask "like kind" questions?

Your operators do appear to resemble the #39-031 & #39-032, but you'll have to match the dimensions up yourself to confirm - or Contact www.BiltBestWindowParts.com for a confirmation?

As for reinstallation, you will have to remove the bottom sill cover on the lower main frame of the window to get to the installation screws of the original operator. Be careful you don't crack the sill stop.

Find Your OEM BiltBest Window Operators Here:  http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/catalog/1

IF YOU NEED MORE HELP?   http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/faq-page