What parts are needed for my Old BiltBest casement or awning windows?


Many homeowners ask .. I have two windows with Biltbest cranks. One is very hard to operate, the other is stripped as it just spins and seems to clunkwith no movement to the casement window. I think these are 1969 BiltBest Windows - can you help?

What parts are needed for my Old BiltBest casement and awning windows? How can I repair or do you have replacement parts? Pictures attached.

Here are some pictures of my old BiltBest operator removed from the window - do you have a replacement for this?

How can I get the old operator off of my BiltBest window? It is located under the wood bottom piece? Do I pry off the wood sill trim cover? Does it unscrew somehow? Can you please let me know?

I can't take off the wood sill cover or can't see how? Here is a picture with the window opened if that helps? Can you get me a replacement crank arm?

I'm hoping to hire a window handyman or handy-person to remove and replace all my old BiltBest Window Operators - but everyone I talk to seems reluctant that the crank can't be fixed or replaced because it's so old - Help?

ANSWER - send some info to:  http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/?q=content/free-part-identification-help

OR BUY PARTS ONLINE HERE: http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/catalog/1

SEE YOUTUBE VIDEOS HERE: http://www.biltbestwindowparts.com/videos