Using Original (OEM) Equipment Parts, Hardware, and Wood Components

  • Posted on: 15 February 2014
  • By: bigdaddy
Does it matter if I use OEM Parts, Hardware, or Replacement Wood Components?

It most definitely matters - using original OEM parts, weatherstrips, kerf seals, hardware parts such as locks, latches, tilt latches, hinges, slide tracks and crank operators or wood replacement parts and components can make the difference between an almost 100% restoration and an early system failure at best. You see, choosing the right weather strip products for your specific windows and doors to original OEM manufacturer specs will provide weather seals and weatherstripping for your windows and doors made from the proper materials and a unified assembly. These will not break down or apart during installation or while in service over the years. The correct attention to detail will prevent such issues as out of tolerance parts, T-slots cut incorrectly, kerf-barbs of improper length or width, and many other issues with other improperly fitting specialty brush seals, plastic or poly bead component parts etc. Door and Window weatherstripping parts from a trusted OEM supplier is most likely crafted from top grade components to meet all "original" specs and will align properly to your windows and doors and do a much better job for years to come