Should I replace my BiltBest windows like the window sales person said?

Should I replace all of my old BiltBest windows like the window replacement sales person suggests?

If you have BiltBest Windows .. if you jump right in and replace all of your windows - like all the window sales people suggest - you're throwing away money!

Check into the Pro's and Con's of restoration and repairs before you listen to the window cons that permeate America today. If you can't really affird new ones for the whole house - they'll do their best to sell you on the replacement of five to eight new windows a year until the project is finished - RIGHT?  Why? .. 100% of something is better than 100% of nothing - RIGHT? .. maybe you should consider whay Dave Ramsey might say: and strongly focus on encouraging people to do their homework and not go into debt. Stop for a moment and forget all the information you have heard about windows through radio, TV, and newspaper ads, and salesmen trying to "close the deal"!  

Perhaps your BiltBest Window Restoration Project will be LESS THAN five (5) new windows - then what would you say? Or maybe you need to do more "due dilligence" on replacements costs vs. value vs. RETURN ON INVESTMENT?  .. Buying new windows for your home is a big investment .. especially if you consider maybe 80% less for restoration. Let's not consider the "going green" stuff .. the filling of landfills .. recycling or any of that.

If you want to speak with someone who shoots straight - Call "BigDaddy" at WeFixItUSA (owner of BiltBest Window Parts )  - (719) 531-0961 and let's talk!