Retro Fit Your Entry Door Dead-Bolt to A SECURE MULTI-POINT LOCK SET

Price: $246.39


You can now convert your old Schlage, Kwikset, Wiser single point dead-bolt lock to a much more secure and safe dual multi-point locking system  .. No matter how you say it .. schlage or kwikset handleset security, compare schlage vs. kwikset locks, kwikset vs schlage locks, schlage versus kwikset door locks, kwikset deadbolt vs. schlage dead bolt lock, kwikset vs schlage or kwikset deadbolt - The Reality Is Simple - with the TRU-LOCK® you will have more security, more peace of mind, less chance of break-ins or home invasions.


Available Finishes Dark ORB / Oil Rubbed Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Bright Brass. Special Features: A perfect way to add security to your home, condo, rentals, dorm rooms, fiberglass and steel doors - The Tru-Lock is adaptable to work with most off the shelf trim hardware, allowing the homeowner the ability to pick the handle that fits their style and budget. This system is designed to work in standard double bore routing, no unique eurogroove and mortise route required. Tru-Lock® operates just like a standard dead-bolt system making it very intuitive to operate. Other Information: Fabrication -Uses standard double bore with simply plunge route on edge of door. Compatible with most off the shelf trim sets.