Refinishing and reglazing all of the Truth windows in our 1976 Wausau home - Can you help?

.. five different sizes of weathered old windows - looking for original replacement for the weather stripping.


Hello, we are refinishing and reglazing all of the Truth windows in our 1976 Wausau home. 

The five different sizes of windows had a finished wood look on the inside, and some had a very weathered coat of primer on the outside.  I have no idea if this is how they originally came, but it does seem that they had never been refinished. We are having trouble locating a replacement for the weatherstripping.  A few pieces were salvageable, but much of it was missing or severely cracked.I attempted to upload these images to your website. Thanks for any help you can give!

Depending on other types of windows .. single hung .. double hung .. casements or awning style windows. There can be up to three (3) different types of weather strip on a casement window unit.  Some are on the sash frame and some are mounted to the window frame itself. Some have one type at top and bottom "horizontals" .. and different ones at "verticals".  There are also some OEM Style "uprade" seals available that will do a better job of sealing out the weather.

#1  JUST REMEMBER .. if your weather strip is that bad in "places" .. it should all be replaced ..

#2 Do all your repainting or staining first .. and be "careful" about getting paint or stain into the "kerf tracks" .. the narrow cuts into which a weather strip sets.

#3 Then install weather strip - cut at corners "as closely as possible to fit at joints without any "overlapping"

The part shown in your photo is here:

THE UPGRADE STYLE PART to replace above with  -