Patio Door Locking Handle Set | Sliding Glider Patio Doors | Replacement Handle with Key Lock

Price: $168.88
SKU: 13245


Patio Door, Sliding Type Handle Set Replacement with Key Lock - # PO-RF5 available in Polished ( shiny) Brass, Antique Brass, Brushed Chrome and  Bronze Finishes. 


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2057, 13-293B, 13-293W, White, 13-293W, 13-245AB, 2265, Antique Brass, Offset Patio Door Locking Handle, 1 3/4" door, 2265, Keyed Lock,  Offset Patio Door Handleset, 13-245AD Almond, Almond 13-245ADK, Offset Latch, 13-245B Black, Brushed Chrome, 13-245BC, Keylock, 13-245BK Black, 13-245BP, Brass Plated, Keyed Patio Door Handle Set, Sliding Patio Door, Gliding Patio Door, 13-245BPK Brass Plated, Color Bronze,  13-245BZ Bronze, 13-245BZK, Bronze w/ Keys, 13-245W White, 13-245WK White, Brushed Chrome, 13-291BZK Bronze, 13-291ABK 2265, Antique Brass.