Nine year old weather strip needed - can you supply the OEM product?

I sent you my original Builders Copy of the BiltBest Quote from 2006. Can you look at it and figure out all the weatherstrip as needede for replacing all on this order. It's been 9 years since we installed them and I know it is time to replace weatherstripping. [Marvin, Integrity, Wenco, Peachtree, Kolbe, Lincoln, Ply-Gem, Biltbest, Caradco, Norandex, Norco, Rockwell, Seal-Rite, Pozzi, Sealtrite,  Hurd, Craftline, Windsor, Malta]

I looked over all the paperwork, and the following is what you need to order to replace all weather strip components for your BiltBest Eclad Spirit Casement and Fixed Windows.  I will follow this email outlining the product you will need for the BiltBest OEM Casement Window Sash Leaf Seals for the SASH FRAME PERIMETERS, BiltBest Window Weather Strip, Vertical L Offset used on WINDOW  FRAME VERTICALS and the Weather Strip, Horizontal DL Offset Needed for the WINDOW  FRAME HORIZONTAL Head and Sills.