NEW REPLACEMENT WINDOWS - Things They Don't Want You To Know

  • Posted on: 15 February 2014
  • By: bigdaddy
What is the difference between an insert replacement windows and standard full frame flange window?

A replacement insert window is installed into the existing window frame. Insert replacement windows are usually installed by simply cutting out your old widow sash and stops without disturbing the interior trim or exterior trim or siding of your home.

Full frame replacement windows are appropriate when the entire window needs replacement, for example, when it's substantially out of square, you want OEM equivilant installation and insurance replacements, or has deteriorated beyond repair. The window, including sash, frame and casing is replaced.

When considering replacing your windows, there are many decisions to make, but one of the first ones you’ll come across is the decision of whether to purchase what are often known as “New Construction Windows” also known as “Full Frame Replacement Windows” or “Replacement Windows” also known as “Insert Replacement Windows” - read the lingo and learn the salesmens jargon.