Information on Common Types of Weatherstripping and Seals

  • Posted on: 15 February 2014
  • By: bigdaddy
Are there different weather strips and seals that do the same job?

Yes there are for some different brands and types of windows and doors. This may be one of those areas where getting some professional advice will be worth it's weight in gold. Once installed or used, you can't return any product. If it doesn't work as originally intended this can cause very pre-mature loss and damage to a window or door system. So you definitely want good information on using common types of weatherstripping and seals.

Sometimes you can use more than one type of weatherstripping to seal an irregularly shaped space, or on a certain style of window such as a casement or awning style made of wood. You would also want to take durability into account when comparing different weather strips and seals. Also cost may become a factor. Please refer to our site "tables" for information about the common types of weatherstripping.