I Need Help with BiltBest Replacement Parts

BILTBEST WINDOW PARTS HELP - some frequent questions from Handymen, Contractors, Remodlers, Home Owners, Insurance Claims Adjusters, Storm Restoration Contractors .. all ask "like kind" questions?

BiltBest awning operators are broken - doing a house flip and several BiltBest operators that are not working. Crank is broken along shaft. Probably original from 1962-64. Photos attached. Thanks for your help.

BiltBest Window Tilt Bars - I have BiltBest double hung windows and they tilt in. It appears that an "L-shaped part" that is at the bottom of the window enables it to tilt? It is broken. Now the window will not stay up? I do not see this part online at www.BiltBestWindowParts.com - can get replacemnets?

I Need Help with BiltBest Replacement Parts - I live in Michigan - I have one right hand / one left hand casement window with damaged Bilt Best operators P-233 P-234 - From the photos can you help me identify the parts I need to order?

Can you point me to advice on how to take the wood sill cover apart or off? This needs to happen to replace the operators?

Will my existing crank handles and covers fit the new operators I want to order?

After all the calls .. trips .. hassles going all over town to Home Depot, Lowe's, ACE Hardware, Blaine Hardware, SwisCo, doorandwindowparts, StryBuc, Menards  - YOUR SITE www.BiltBestWindowParts is excellent and so is your customer support. I like doing business with BiltBest Window Parts.