I have wood exterior casement sashes can I add aluminum clad?

If you have old Biltbest Wood Casement Style or Awning Style Windows ( interior / exterior ) .. we can upgrade those wood exterior sashes with brand new OEM Roll Formed Aluminum Clad. Exterior cladding on wood-frame BiltBest windows allows for the thermal insulation of the wood frame along with the weather resistance of the exterior cladding. BiltBest exterior window cladding is applied to the existing wood-frame Bilt-Best windows to increase the effectiveness of the old wood-frame window, restore old hail-damaged window exteriors, and reduce the need for maintenance - thing like painting and prep work every coup[le of years. Upgrading those old BiltBest Wood Windows will definitely improve the appearance of your old windows. Exterior aluminum roll-formed cladding is more than a protective exterior cover which is applied to a wood frame window sash - the window's external maintenance needs are greatly reduced, weather resistance is greatly increased and an attractive appearance is the end result. Wood is a natural insulator. Wood windows inhibit the transmission of cold or heat from the outside of the home. The exterior of a wood frame window requires maintenance, including annual varnishing or painting, to prevent warping or rotting. The aluminum cladding protects the frame's exterior and creates a weather-resistant replacement window frame that continues to offer all of the thermal benefits of a wood frame material - allowing for the traditional look of the stained wood inside the house while avoiding the necessary outdoor maintenance.