Guardian Patio Door Roller Set | Tandem Style Wheel - Stainless Steel

Price: $169.99
SKU: Guardian Stainless Tandem Roller Sets


Coastal Stainless Steel Patio Door Roller Sets for Guardian Glass Siding Patio Doors with the Tandem Style, adjustable units as shown. Made for sliding / gliding / glider style rolling patio doors with the adjustable side screw designed tandem roller assembly. COMPLETE STAINLESS HOUSING AND STAINLESS-STEEL WHEEL and ROLLER ASSEMBLY for the Best Corrosion Resistance in Coastal and Salt-Water Environments. 


Operating door panels with tandem roller assemblies - French Sliding Patio Doors and Other Heavy Patio Door Units and Obsolete Patio Door units for old heavy wood and clad sliding patio doors - many of which will show the Guardian Glass Stamp Etching in the corner of the glass. Priced Per PAIR (2 Sets Included) of Tandem Roller Units.