Does the age of my home help identify the BiltBest window parts?

BILTBEST WINDOW PARTS HELP - frequestly asked questions by Handymen, Contractors, Remodlers, Home Owners, Insurance Claims Adjusters, Storm Restoration Contractors .. all ask "like kind" questions?

BiltBest Operator Replacement help Needed - I have 2 BiltBest casement windows that need replacement operators, cranks and covers. One left and one right. I believe the operators that mathes mine are right there on your site - I can't believe it!! Can you confirm from my photos I sent?

Truth / EntryGard #39031, #39032 look close - are these the ones I need? Should i send some pictures to you?

We are looking for BiltBest window cranks, crank covers and lock handles for my old Biltbest casement windows, circa 1997  See attached to see if you can identify?

Why is it that all the window parts folks seem to be "confused" .. or "not sure" when it comes to these old P233 P234 BiltBest casement and awning operators?

I have an old BiltBest casement window with a Biltbest #30842R crank and arm. Are you able to look at that and see if you have a comparable part?

Several homeowners from the TriState Areas of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky have asked? - My home is 20-25 years old and some BiltBest window hand cranks need to be replaced. What is the best way to identify the window crank to insure correct order parts?

Does the age of my home help identify the BiltBest window parts? A home owner from Connecticut says: You Have A Great Site for All BiltBest Window Parts. My question is with the replacement crank handles, colors, handing etc. My existing is just like you show. A home owner from Pittsburgh PA - Looking for a replacement crank for Biltbest windows, please see the image attached. -

Biltbest crank P233 and P234 stampings - these are old - can you still get these parts?

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