Can You ID my old BiltBest Window Parts?

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I live in Colorado and have BiltBest Windows and Patio Doors. I have been told I need new weather-stripping on all my Biltbest Windows. My house was built in 1990 and I am looking to replace the weather strip on the windows shown in the pics. What do I need?

I live in Nebraska near the Kansas border - I have BiltBest Windows and need new weatherstrip on my Biltbest Windows. My house was built in 1995. Do you have them?

Everyone I have called said - we can't identify your weatherstripping based on these images - Can You ID MY Parts?

My biltbest casement windows have come loose .. I live in Illinois, and while trying to clean these windows the other day I might have cranked them out to far? There is a plastic or metal piece that runs in a groove and on the slide track. The window dropped down on an angle - Can You Help? is a WeFixItUSA/HuntUSA Products Group Member and was established to assist home owners in all their Bilt-Best Replacement Parts needs, questions and solutions to problems. BiltBest Windows and Patio Doors closed it's doors and went out of business - formerly they were located at 175 S 10th St. in St Genevieve, MO. 63670, with Customer Service at (573) 883-3571 ( all now closed ); If you need help - we know BiltBest Windows!

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