Can you help make the case for restoration of BiltBest windows?

Restoration of my original BiltBest windows - know for sure.

I've heard the case made for and against the restoration of my original BiltBest windows - How do I know for sure?

Replace? .. or rehabilitate? .. that is the question - a question many home owners ask. Something to keep in mind – not everything you read about replacement windows is true. Windows are often significant character-defining features of older and historic homes, and this alone is important and should not be overlooked or discounted in favor of perceived energy savings. With routine maintenance an older BiltBest window can perform well and continue to function for many years to come. Rarely can a new replacement window match the design aesthetic or material of original BiltBest windows, unless you spend a ton of money! This is not to say every old window should be saved - yet, all too often, windows are replaced unnecessarily without considering the impacts or a cost-benefit analysis. Instead, owners might consider asking some questions first and exploring the options and benefits.

Are my windows an important architectural or defining feature? .. can I retrofit my Biltbest window sashes to achieve greater energy efficiency? ... Will replacement windows last as long as my originals? .. Are there more cost-effective approaches available like new weatherstrip and sash glass upgrades? Will new replacement windows "fit" the character of my home or detract from it?