BiltBest Replacement, Restoration and Refurbishment Options

  • Posted on: 15 February 2014
  • By: bigdaddy
Can I paint or stain the BiltBest Window OEM Replacement Wood Parts?


Yes. BiltBest Window Replacement Parts products may be Painted or stained. BiltBest Window OEM Replacement Parts products can be ordered as "bare wood" for staining, or you may choose the "white-primed" option for painting. If you purchase all-wood products, the wood exterior must be finished with an exterior paint. BiltBest Window OEM Replacement Parts clad-wood products do not need to be painted on the exterior. The extruded aluminum cladding is low-maintenance, commercial grade finished and available in OEM standard colors. BiltBest Window Replacement Parts can also create custom colors to coordinate with your home's exterior.