32. There are so many sizes - How do I select the right casement window operator for my window?

RECEIVE HELP IDENTIFYING A PART - Please try to remember - we have access to over 4,000,000 Parts! That's a lot of parts, a lot of catalogs etc. - and we cannot do this in a matter of a few minutes! Please be patient and if you can't , please do not ask us to spend time looking... fair enough?

You can receive free TRUTH® / Truth EntryGard™ HARDWARE parts ID help or other help to identify your TRUTH / Truth EntryGard HARDWARE parts - all you need do is choose the best option for you.
OPTION 1 - (1) you can SEND A DIGITAL IMAGE - but be sure you (a) show us your part(s) installed and removed. (b) Include stampings, markings, number stamps, or names. (c) Be sure to include all measurements.
OPTION 2 - take a good, clear video clip
OPTION 3 - MAIL US A SAMPLE - If you would like to send us a sample, please include all your information ( fill out site form ) - Name, Address, Phone etc. How Much or How Many You Need?

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