19. What products and sizes does BiltBest Window OEM Replacement Parts offer?

General GSA Guidelines For The Fabrication And Installation Repairs Of Old BiltBest Wood Windows and Doors. Source: Federal Building / USPO Guidelines; GSA/PBS Division: Bilt Best Wood Doors And Windows, Section:  Wood Windows General Guidelines For The Fabrication And Installation Of Wood Windows: Old Wood BiltBest and Oldach Wood Windows are an important design element contributing to a Historic Building's architectural character.  For historic buildings, state Historic preservation officers generally apply the secretary of  Interior s standards for rehabilitation which require that original material ( OEM Parts ) be repaired and retained where possible. Condition surveys are typically required to determine if windows are too deteriorated to save, before replacements will be
 considered.  Replacement windows should match the color, size and configuration of the original OEM wood windows and the original materials as possible. BiltBest Window OEM Replacement Parts and Windows and Doors offers thousands of standard and custom sizes for historical preservation and green building requirements, as well as the ability to create custom window component parts when special sizing or product matching and special shapes are requested.