Patio Door handles

Caradco Sliding Door Replacement Parts | Multipoint Drop Handle



Caradco Sliding Patio Door Assembly Parts | Multipoint Inline Slider Handle Sets, Active CARADCO DOOR REPAIR PARTS PACKAGE: Consists of ONE (1) Each, handle assembly as shown in the Polished Brass Finish. Other associated replacement parts may be found on this site: The BIE-BA-632II, M574 392 F71 100  Active Cylinder Handle Sets; In Polished Brass as Standard;


Price: $428.88

Caradco Door Hardware Active Handle Replacement Set



Caradco Wood and Clad Door Hardware Active Handle Set Replacement. Replacement handle sets for your old Caradco Wood and Clad Doors, Inswing and outswing style french doors, Arch Top Caradco Doors;  Multipoint Lock Sets; All types and styles of Caradco Door Replacement Hardware and Handle Sets Available - prices based on units with Bright Brass Finish - handle sets as shown in pictures etc.

Price: $488.88