Double / Single Hung Parts


SECOND ADD ON ORDER - Special Order for Balance Parts



Special Order ( 2nd Parts ordert ) for Balance Parts For Rich Wilson:  Special Order Parts For: Rich Wilson to include Items below; All priced to combine all with previous order, # 3731; Please confirm and check all items as all these are special order and custom fabricated and NON-RETURNABLE.  


1. One Pair of # 1640 Balances, 17" length; # TE-P64-ENDS #'s NOT INCLUDED - Must Have Info

Price: $126.31

Window Sash Pivot Pin Parts | Double Single Hung Tilt Out Tilting Assembly



Tilt Sash Pivot Pin - Tilting Style Window Sash Parts - AS SHOWN: includes fastener, One (1) Pivot Pin / Non Handed and Two (2) # 7 x 5/8 Phillips Self Tap flat head screws; See Picture. NOTE: Pivot Pins are "non handed" - Part - PETT-0999, Sash Pivot Pin.





Price: $59.88

Single Hung Double Hung Window Parts - Sealrite Pivot Pin sash Tilt Pins



Item Number:  TR-T50 - RH, Pivots, Per Each as follow: Minimum Order of TEN (10) REQUIRED - Five (5) Each Right Hand and Five (5) Each Left hand; Specify in the "comment section" at chechout the type you desire - IF NONE SPECIFIED WE WILL SHIP Black / White  .. also available in Zink (metal).      

Price: $59.99