Truth SafeGard™ Casement Window Opening Control Device [WOCD]

Owners of apartment buildings and those involved in the multi-housing industry have a duty to care for their tenants’ safety.

Truth SafeGard™ Casement Window Opening Control Device [WOCD]

Window opening control devices have become a very important subject among builders, contractors, and homeowners. Being able to safely and securely operate a window which has safe guards in place to help control the windows opening so as to prevent accidental falls, while at the same time being able to be easily opened for egress purposes in case of an emergency.

As a market leader in fenestration hardware, Truth engineered, patented, and manufactures a WOCD that meets the requirements of ASTM F2090-10. The ASTM F2090 addresses window fall prevention that helps protect against potential falls by children through open windows.

Truth's Casement SafeGard™ WOCD provides a means that the window, when opened in an initial operation, will limit the venting to less than 4". By code, two actions are required to open the window fully for egress purposes. This additional operation can be performed without the use of keys, tools, or special knowledge. And the best part is that Truth's SafeGard will automatically re-latch when the sash is fully closed!

Truth Products SafeGard Window Opening Control Device is designed to allow for field application by trained maintenance personnel. SafeGard is a reliable, easy to install and easy to operate solution which meets today's more stringent safety requirements.


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