Window balance and jambliner parts for old windows - can you help?

How Do I Measure The Balance Length?  [without attached ends]

Do The stamping numbers and lettering help ID balances?

How Can I Determine Sash Size and Sash Weights?

Do you have the Guides, Clips and Shoes for Balances?


Window Balance Sample Information - If Your Like Most Folks You Don’t Feel Comfortable Identifying These Types of Parts - No problem, just send your sample in for our FREE Parts ID Department.

WeFixitUSA / AllWindowDoorpartsGroup
Attn: Parts ID Help
P.O. Box 25423
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80936

Include your full name, phone number, mailing address and email information inside the package; Always send a complete window balance assembly or jambliner. Do not send a window balance or jambliner with missing parts - This may require removing a good unit from another window. If you have different sizes it is necessary to send a sample of EVERY ONE  window balance you wish to purchase. Remember all window balances, jamb carriers and jambliners are custom made to order and are nonreturnable. If you’re unsure - send SAMPLES!!

IF YOU PREFER ( We Do Not ) you can email some good clear digital pictures, measurements and details to: