Fully Framed Deluxe Aluminum Flip Open Hinged Bow Hunting Blind Windows -Grey Tinted Glass

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Our "Deluxe Model" Hinged Flip Open Windows is a "fully framed unit" .. that is only for exterior mounting of a hinge style operating window. NOTE: The exterior mounting will close off your complete rough opening and keep you from the elements and pests, wasps, flies etc. and The Hinged Window is fully operable from the interior of your deer blind or hunting stand and is quiet and easy to operate. Sure - it costs a little more .. but as always - BigDaddy says: 'you get what you pay for' .. These can be mounted to swing up .. swing left or right ( This Allows For Use As A Vertical Archery Window ) for you bow-hunters - SEE DROPDOWNS FOR OPTIONS


The [Deluxe Model Hinged Window] can be mounted in a wall thicknesses up to 2" Thickness - has a 3/4" mounting flange that is "pre-drilled" for mounting, has strategically placed "weep holes" for best possible drainage .. and the inner main frame comes standard with a pile weather-strip that will meet flush with the pile felt weather-stripping of the hinge window when in "closed position" for a complete seal.