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REMEMBER "good clear pictures" ..  Are Worth a "1000" Words ..

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1.  Include a ruler or tape measure .. for size reference?
2.  Take photos of the part from different angles with good contrast?  (at least 3, but more may be better);
3.  what the part is made of ??  i.e. aluminum, zinc, steel, plastic, wood, vinyl, etc.
4.  the brand of the window or door?? 
5.  Describe the part’s function - if it is not obvious?
6.  Include any numbers stamped or printed on the parts.
7.  How many do you need?
8.  If more than one part is being sent, then number (1,2,3,etc.) or letter (A, B, C, etc.) them.
9. Include your contact info (name, company, address, email, phone, fax

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