Free Parts Identification and ID Assistance Help


PLEASE REVIEW:  Pictures Are WORTH a "1000" Words .. take a moment and watch the video .. 

Send photos & info to: 


1.  Include a ruler or tape in each photo next to the part. Use enough natural light or a flash.  

2.  Take photos of the part from different angles (at least 3, but more may be better);

3.  HELP US -- HELP YOU TO ID PARTS QUICKLY - Maybe place on "graph paper" with size of squares.

4.  It would also help if you use the most appropriate backdrop for the best contrast.

4.  Indicate what the part is made of i.e. aluminum, zinc, steel, plastic, wood, vinyl, etc.

5.  If you know the brand of the window or door, please include info.

6.  Indicate what the part is used on?  Type of window or door and Describe the part’s function.

7.  Include any numbers stamped or printed on the parts. Or take a photo of them in focus.

8.  Indicate how many of what parts or pieces you need.

9.  If more than one part is being sent, then number (1,2,3,etc.) or letter (A, B, C, etc.) them.

10. Include your contact info (name, company, address, email, phone, fax

11. Send photos & info to: 

12. REMEMBER - You can look at online catalog: