Fenestra Casaement Style Operator 9 1/4" Lever Style Face Mount Casement Operator | Left Right Hand Units

Price: $110.75


Fenestra 9 1/4" Lever Face Mounted Casement Operator; Fenestra Lever Arm Casement Operator 9-1/4" , Left Hand; Right Hand ( Handing )


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Pivot Shoe Styles, Face Mounted Roto-Gear Operators, Rear Mounting Styles, Truth Single Arm and Dual Arm Casement Operators; Various finishes from Aluminum, Brown, White, Bronze, Coppertone, Beige, Silver, Goldtone, Tan, Clay and others; Left and Right Handing; Arms of 5", 7", 9", 9 1/2", 11", 13" and longer; 13.5" ; Fenestration Hardware; Coastal Stainless; Maxim Dual Arm; Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl and Clad Casement Window Operators; Face Mount, rear Mount, Blind Mount; Square Type, Rounded Type; Straight Arm Links, Uplinks and down links.



Truth Window [Hardware] Parts for [WINDOW STYLES] Awning, Casement, Single Hung, Double Hung [Windows] Hinges, Handles, Operators, Roto-Gear [PARTS] Dyad Operator, Sash Locks, Sash Balances, Brackets, Lifts, Awning Cranks [OPERATORS] Single Arm, Dual Arm, Skylight, Folding Handles, Tracks, Slide Hinges, Patio Door Hardware [OEM PARTS] Replacement Parts for: BiltBest, Caradco, Craftline, Pella, Alenco, Therma-Tru, Eagle, Hurd, Kolbe, Lincoln, M-W, Malta, Marvin, Casemaster, Marvin Integrity, Norandex, Norco, Pozzi, Jeld-Wen, Rockwell, Seal-Rite, Semco, Oldach, SNE, Vedder, Peachtree, Crestline, WeatherVane, Wenco, WheatherShield, Windsor, Truth Windows, Acorn, Andersen, Barber & Ross, Better-Bilt, Crestmark, MilGard, PGT, Phillips, PlyGem, Quaker, Traco, Entrygard and others - circa the  1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s. 


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