The Easy Slider - Deer Blind Stand Plastic By-Pass Window Track System for Deer Blinds | 1/8" Plexi Lexan Glass | 36' Package

Price: $118.88
SKU: deerblind slider trk-36


This Deer Blind Window Package is for 1/8" Thick materials; BLACK EZ Slide / By-Pass Deerblind Window Plastic Track System  Comes Complete with BigDaddy's Plans. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES:  Thirty-Six (36) Lineal Feet of UPPER and LOWER TRACK.


Includes: Thirty-Six (36) Lineal Feet of 1/8" Black By-Pass Track. This is enough to build up to Four (4) windows 12" H X 48" W OD plus a little left over. All pieces shipped in 48" nominal cut lengths; No glass, plexiglass or lexan is included. Use with 1/8" Plexiglass, PolyGal, Glass, Lexan or other materials. This is the double track system made famous by HuntSportsBigDaddy and The DIY PLANS PDF Download is included with every purchase.  Other Sizes and special cuts are available upon request as well as special order "Tempered" glass insert materials, pile seals also available on special order only.


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