DeerBlind DeerStand Bow & Rifle Plastic By-Pass Window Track Systems 1/8" X 36' x 48" | North American Whitetail Deer Hunter States

Price: $108.88
SKU: deerblind slider trk-36


Deer-Blind and Hunting Stand Retro-Fit Window Package, for 1/8" Thick Glass, Lexan or Plexiglass ( Not Included ); This is our famous BLACK PLASTIC EZ SLIDER / BY PASS Window Track System. Comes Complete with BigDaddy's™  Window "how to" Plans. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES:  Thirty-Six (36) Lineal Feet of UPPER and LOWER TRACK.  NOTE: This is enough to build up to Four (4) windows 12" H X 48" W OD plus a little left over; All pieces are shipped in 48" nominal cut lengths; No glass, plexiglass or lexan is included; Use with 1/8" thick materials; BigDaddy's DIY PLANS PDF Download is included with every purchase.  Other Sizes and special cuts are available upon request as well as special order Tempered-Glass sliding window inserts, pile seals and Perforated 50/50 One Way See-Thru Sun Block Coverings also available on this site. 


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