DeerBlind Deer Hunting Stand Locking Door KD Kit | 30" x 72", 24 X 60, 24 X 72 | North American Whitetail Hunters USA | DIY DOOR KITS

Price: $208.88
SKU: BB-3072DK-L


The Deerblind hunting stand X3 Blind Door Kit - has a 1 3/8” thickness, and the door stile panel width is 3  1/4” - this heavy gauge aluminum frame kit comes ready for you to assemble ( you save on shipping ) and insert the plywood that you buy locally - KEY LOCK and Locking Handle Included. 30" W x 72" Sandard KD Kit Size can be adapted for other sizes like: 30" x 60" Doors, 24" X 60" .. and other custom sizes.

NOTE: This door kit assembly has five (5) hinges and solid aluminum gussets in the corners. The door kit is fully weather stripped and has an adjustable door-bottom threshold expander with dual vinyl sweeps that can expand up to three (3) inches. Pressure Treated Outdoor Use Plywood is strongly recommended ( not included in kit ) However, be careful not to confuse the words “outdoor,” “exterior,” and “pressure treated” to all mean the same thing. In many cases, they’re not. Some types of outdoor plywood can withstand years of direct exposure to rain and snow - this is the one you want! For that little extra visibility you can add one of several window options.






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