Deer Blind Rifle Gun Slider Window X-3 BBT Sash - Gray Tint or Clear Glass | North American Whitetail Deerblind Windows

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BBT-Sliders Multipe Size Widths Available [SEE DROP DOWNS]  x 11.5' H  INSIDE BLIND MOUNTING - GREY-TINTED GLASS ( or Clear ) X3 MODEL  

Choose Your Size In Drop Down Menu - Deer Hunting Blind Window. Aluminum Framed, Horizontal Mounted operating window with three ( 3 ) tinted glass sashes. The middle sash is "fixed" .. and the two (2) outside sashes slide into the center. Also available for frame mounting to the inside wall of your blind. These units come with double strength marine grade glazing. The benefits include - strong center support for wider openings, open/close for inclement weather, excellent style for rifle blinds and shooting towers. Latch mechanism to lock the window shut.



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