Casement Window Operator Old Stile 1970'2 1980's 1990's 2000's | Two Arms | 233 DC 234 DC

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SKU: bbrp-00016-SP

Old BiltBest [Truth] [EntryGard] Old Style Casement Window Crank Operator - Single Point Sill Stop 


PLEASE NOTE: These are the most commonly confused and mis-ordered parts. Please Look Closely at the biggest difference in models.


Look at the "single point "stop" on face of protrusion" vs. one that has a flush smooth formed face on operator.


Please Send Us Pictures of your Unit IF NOT SURE.



The proper "handing" is also a critical factor. Face Mount Styles - This is a special order item and non-returnable. This is not the "most common style used" for normal Old Casement Windows Circa 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's | PLEASE LOOK AT HOW THIS UNIT IS NORMALLY INSTALLED AND OTHER ACTUAL PARTS - This is the main way to tell them apart. Specify whether a left handed or right handed. 

Some Old Stamping Numbers May Include: P 233 DC  P 234 DC | P233DC | P234DC | P 233 D.C. | P 234 D.C. [Stampings]

To determine handing: looking at the window from the inside, if the sash lock or sash lock handle is on the left, a left handed operator is needed. If the sash lock or lock handle is on the right, a right handed operator is needed.