Can you help with BiltBest Eclad Spirit Casement Window Parts?

We are builders in Georgia, and supplied owners with BiltBest Eclad Spirit Casement and Fixed Windows in a custom home. We are having problems with leaking and need the OEM weather strip - can you help?

YES we can .. I will be glad to put together a complete package with a Builders Discount. Marvin, Integrity, Wenco, Peachtree, Kolbe, Lincoln, Ply-Gem, Biltbest, Caradco, Norandex, Norco, Rockwell, Seal-Rite, Pozzi, Sealtrite,  Hurd, Craftline, Windsor, Malta  - You will need the following: BiltBest OEM Casement Window Sash Leaf Seals, Sold in 10' lengths, You will need 640 Lineal feet.of the SKU: bbrp-00025 - USED ON SASH FRAME PERIMETERS; BiltBest Window Weather Strip, Vertical L Offset - 100' Rolls; SKU: bbrp-0RF-R9 - You will need Five (5) Rolls - USED ON WINDOW  FRAME VERTICALS and BiltBest Window Weather Strip, Horizontal DL Offset per 100' Roll; 25' Rolls SKU: bbrp-0RF-R9 - TEN  (10) Rolls Needed. USED ON WINDOW  FRAME HORIZONTAL Head and Sills